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The TOEFL PBT has three sections: reading comprehension, structure and written expression, and listening comprehension. It also contains a writing portion, known as the Test of Written English.

On the TOEFL PBT, the total scaled score range for the three main sections (reading comprehension, structure and written expression, and listening comprehension) is 310 to 677. The score scale for Reading Comprehension is 31 to 67. Listening Comprehension and Structure and Written Expression each have a score scale of 31 to 68. The Test of Written English is scored separately, on a scale from 1 to 6.

Reading Comprehension:
students will read several passages and answer questions about them. They will be tested on their ability to understand and analyze the information in the passages and their ability to understand the meanings of specific words as they are used in the passages.

Structure and Written Expression:
students will be tested on their ability to recognize structural and grammatical errors in sentences and on their ability to select the proper word or phrase to fill in the blank in a sentence.

Listening Comprehension:
students will listen to both short and long conversations and speeches and then answer questions about the recordings. This section tests students' ability to understand spoken English, including vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and grammatical constructions.

Test of Written English:
students will write an essay in response to a given topic and be evaluated on the development, organization, language, and grammar of their writing.

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