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The TOEFL iBT test has four sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Your score report will contain five scores: one total score on a scale of 0 to 120, and four skill scores, each on a scale of 0 to 30.

  • Listening (0 to 30)
  • Reading (0 to 30)
  • Speaking (0 to 30)
  • Writing (0 to 30)
  • Total Score (1 to 120)

students will read three to five passages and then answer questions that test their ability to analyze and understand the passages.

students will listen to two to three conversations and four to six lectures. Questions will test the students' ability to understand the content of these recordings and interpret the meanings and attitudes of the speakers.

students will complete six tasks, some of which will require them to respond to reading or listening material. Students will be evaluated on topic development, speaking delivery, and use of language.

students will complete two tasks, one of which will require them to respond to reading and listening material and one of which will require them to respond to a topic using their personal knowledge and experience. Students will be evaluated based on their understanding of the material, and the organization and development of their writing.

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